Board of Supervisors Policy Manual

The Board of Supervisors Policy Manual assembles administrative policies and ethical standards that the Board has adopted. The policies guide the Board in its conduct and interaction with the public, various County commissions and committees, and persons and entities that may do business with the County. The policy manual also provides direction to County officials and employees in the conduct of their work on behalf of the County.

Policies in the manual are adopted pursuant to the authority that is vested in the Board of Supervisors by the Constitution, State codes, and the County Charter. The manual is not set by ordinance, nor is it legally binding. The Board reserves the right and may opt to vary from one or more of the policies in this manual when and if the Board deems such action necessary and in the best interests of the County.

The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors is responsible for maintaining the Policy Manual.

Policy Manual by Chapter

Complete Policy Manual

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