Guidelines for Access to Public Records

Request for Access Pursuant to the California Public Records Act

Public records, as defined in subdivision (e) of Section 6252 of the Government Code, in the physical custody of the Clerk of the Board shall be made available for inspection and copying in accordance with the following provisions:

Request for Inspection of Public Records

  1. Subject to reasonable notice, any person may inspect public records in the custody of the Clerk of the Board during normal business hours. Physical inspection of such records shall be permitted at locations within the Office of the Clerk of the Board. Special arrangements should be made in advance for the inspection of voluminous records.
  2. Inspection of public records maintained by the Clerk of the Board shall be permitted only in the presence of County personnel, except as the Clerk of the Board otherwise determines.
  3. Persons inspecting public records shall not destroy, mutilate, deface, or alter any such record or records or remove any such record or records from the location designated for inspection. The records shall be physically returned in the same condition and order as received, upon either the completion of the inspection or upon verbal request of County personnel presiding during the inspection.

Requests for Copies of Public Records

Requests for copies of public records pursuant to the California Public Records Act must reasonably describe an identifiable record or records.

When a request requires a delay in response due to the need to search for, retrieve, review or redact records and cannot be accommodated with immediate inspection or copying, the law permits up to 10 calendar days from the receipt of the request to determine whether the request seeks copies of disclosable public records.

Under unusual circumstances, as specified in Section 6253(c) of the Government Code, the Clerk of the Board may extend the time in which the requesting party is to be notified of the determination. Notice of the extension must be in writing, setting forth the reasons for the extension and the date on which a determination is expected. The extension shall not exceed fourteen (14) additional calendar days.​​​​​

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