Assessment Appeal Application


  • Appeal of Regular Assessment – during the Regular Filing Period July 2 – September 15.
  • Appeal of Supplemental or Escape Assessment – within 60 days from the date of the assessment.
  • If the last day of the filing period falls on a weekend or holiday, an application filed on the next business day shall be deemed timely filed.

Information and Instructions on how to complete an Assessment Appeal Application form​

You can complete and submit your Assessment Appeal Application form online by selecting the Appeal Online button below and add PDF attachments. You will receive an appeal application number and have the option to print your application for your records.

Appeal Online button







You can submit your Assessment Appeal Application by mail or in person by selecting the Create/Print Application PDF button below. You must print and sign the application, include supporting documents, and hand-deliver or mail to the Clerk of the Board’s office by the applicable deadline. A copy will not be saved online. Keep a copy of your application for your records.







Value Hearing Officer Option

What is the difference between the Assessment Appeals Board and the Value Hearing Officer?

The Assessment Appeals Board is a three-member panel and the hearings have a more formal courtroom atmosphere, while a hearing with the Value Hearing Officer is less formal. The Value Hearing Officer is a real estate professional who hears residential valuation appeals. Having your appeal scheduled before a Value Hearing Officer is considered an expedient and convenient alternative to the more formal Assessment Appeals Board proceedings, and may provide a faster resolution to your appeal. To choose this option when completing your Assessment Appeal Application form, check the "Yes" box in item #9 on the application form. For more information, click on the Value Hearing Officer Proceedings Brochure.

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