Assessment Appeals

The Clerk of the Board accepts Applications from taxpayers seeking a reduction in property tax assessments and reviews Applications for compliance with State and local rules and regulations. Hearings are scheduled before Assessment Appeals hearing officers or the Appeals Board. The Clerk’s office provides meeting support by preparing and publishing Agendas and serves as the official record keeper during meetings. Public inquiries regarding Applications, the Assessment Appeals process, and hearing procedures should be directed to the Assessment Appeals Division of the Clerk’s office.

The Assessment Appeals hearing schedule and Agendas can be accessed through the Meeting Portal. Select “Assessment Appeals” in the Meeting Group drop down to view the current schedule.​​

Remote Hearings

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the California State Legislature passed Assembly Bill 107 (AB 107) which became effective September 29, 2020. AB 107 amends Revenue and Taxation Code and grants counties the administrative option to conduct remote hearings. To practice safe protocol per public health order and exercise the option granted by AB 107 to the extent possible, the County of Santa Clara began scheduling hearings to be attended remotely. Remote hearings are conducted using ZOOM Webinar platform. Until further notice no in-person hearings are being conducted at this time. Follow these links to access the Remote Hearing Protocol and ZOOM Webinar Instructions.

In the event you received notice for a remote hearing and prefer to have an in-person hearing in lieu of the remote hearing, you may complete and sign the assessment appeal hearing waiver and submit the form to the Office of the Clerk of the Board via the link to  File and Manage your Appeal Application or you can email the form to [email protected]. The signed waiver extends time for your hearing date allowing your appeal to be rescheduled for an in-person hearing once in-person hearings recommence in the County. Follow this link to access the Agreement to Postpone Assessment Appeal Hearing and Waiver.

Assessment Appeals remote hearings may be viewed live during the hearing through the Meeting Portal.

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