Sexual Harassment Prevention and Education

On January 1, 2017, Assembly Bill (AB) 1661 went into effect, requiring that specified local agency officials receive at least two hours of training in sexual harassment prevention and education within the first six months after appointment (or initial reappointment after January 1, 2017) and every two years thereafter. This requirement applies to all members of County of Santa Clara Brown Act bodies, including boards, commissions, committees, and task forces.

AB 1661 requires local agency officials to complete the same training that has been required for supervisory employees under AB 1825. The law requires two hours of training and education that includes information and practical guidance regarding the federal and state statutory provisions concerning the prohibition against, and the prevention and correction of, sexual harassment, and the remedies available to victims of sexual harassment, as well as examples aimed at instructing local agency officials in the prevention of discrimination and retaliation.

County Training

The Office of the County Counsel provides ethics training sessions bi-annually. The training is free for County officials and Boards and Commissions appointees. For information on upcoming training sessions, please contact the Clerk of the Board's Office at [email protected] or (408) 299-5001.

Department of Fair Employment and Housing Online Training

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing is developing an online sexual harassment prevention and education training that will be available by late 2019. Once the online training option has launched, it will be made available to Board and Commission members.​​​​

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